Monday, 23 December 2013

Music Monday #2

Hello there! So I've only done one music Monday post before, and I was going to make it a weekly thing for me but I didn't because I usually listen to the same songs for ages and then get into some new songs gradually but it's gotten to the point where I have completely new tracks that I'm listening to :)

1. Boy's Don't Cry - The Cure

This is a 'mainstream' song by The Cure, and I hadn't really listened to them before but I really love this song and I'm ashamed I didn't get into them sooner. The guitar part is reminiscent of The Smiths for me and the song in general sounds a bit like The Smiths (at least I think so) but it's a great song.

2.Wild World - Cat Stevens

I had heard this song ages ago but I've been listening to it basically on repeat at the moment, it reminds me a lot of skins (generation 1 if you don't know but you probably do) and I like watching the skins version too but the Cat Stevens one has a lot more heart, it was at this point I realised my music taste is basically the same as my parents (I'm a cool kid I know)

3. Hard out Here - Lily Allen

A while ago, Isabella and I did a vlog where we were featured singing this song. Lily Allen has made a comeback and I am so happy. She is so satirical and funny and that's why I like the song because it's done ironically, I am looking forward to hear more music from her because I missed her when she left the music scene.

4. Royals - Lorde

Okay another mainstream song, so let the hipsters shoot me. I like Lorde's style, it reminds me a bit of Lana Del Rey and this song is just a bit of fun. Also, my philosophy teacher recommended this song to our class and I don't recall anyone in my philosophy class really paying much attention but then she became really famous, my philosophy teachers are amazing just saying.

5. Howl's Moving Castle Theme

I don't know if it's a bit unorthodox to put in film music in a Music Monday post but I have been listening to this non-stop, and I've printed off the sheet music and I've been learning it on the piano because it's that beautiful. I absolutely love studio ghibli, and this film is so lovely. I'm slowly building up my studio ghibli DVD collection (cough cough Santa) but the music in all of the studio ghibli films is really lovely to be honest.

Thanks for reading, I didn't feel I should mention this but I've also been loving the Harry Potter soundtrack after doing the tours and watching the films :)

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