Saturday, 28 September 2013

September Favourites 2013 ♡

Hello there internet peoples!
So September is coming to an end, so I thought I'd do a September favourites post because there are quite a lot of things that I have been loving this month. They aren't necessarily new products, they aren't even all beauty/fashion products but I would definitely recommend reading this because I own a product that prevents colds - seriously.

1. Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser

I bought this just because I wanted a moisturiser and from the first time I used it I realised just how amazing it is. It moisturises your skin without making it greasy and it works for 12 hours so if I put it on before bed my skin feels like a baby's bottom in the morning, even now while I'm writing this, I didn't even use it yesterday and my skin feels amazing. Also, after I bought this I went on the Superdrug website and saw top 5 moisturisers and this comes number 1 in the list! I actually bought this from Savers so it was under £3 (think it was £2.99) which is roughly a pound cheaper than in Superdrug, but I would definitely buy this again and recommend it to all of you! There is a rich moisturiser too but my skin isn't really that dry on my face and I didn't want greasy skin, but if that's a problem you suffer with then there is hope for you after all!


2. Close Up Toothpaste

I did say there weren't many beauty items here. Now you're probably thinking 'why is she going on about toothpaste? What an utter nutter' but this is the best toothpaste I have ever used. It actually makes your teeth whiter! I bought this in the USA (sorry you can't buy this in the UK but I stocked up on holiday) for about 79 cents because my Mum used this back in the late 80s and has been going on about it ever since so she knew to stock up when we saw it. In the drug stores in Manhattan it was really expensive but we still bought about 10 tubes, then we felt so stupid when we went to the supermarket with my Aunt and it was a couple of dollars cheaper. The paste is like a red gel and it's cinnamon flavour which isn't my favourite but as it makes your teeth brighter and much nicer so I'm not complaining. I do hope when our 3743970290230894 tubes run out we'll be going back to the USA because I never want to stop using this!

3. Black Patent Dr Marten Boots

These are like my favourite shoes anyway but now that the weather is getting colder I'm wearing them so much more often, I'm still hoping for a pair of Dr Marten shoes but I haven't gotten round to buying those yet. These are £85 unless you find them on sale, my white patent ones were £63 on sale so if you wait until about October then the Dr Martens should all be reduced. It's really a long term investment because they last so long, they're real leather, honestly they're amazing amazing shoes.

4. Johnson's Baby Bath

I really like this baby bath because it makes my bath all bubbly, I'm such a child oh my gosh. Seriously though, I like the scent. It's not really a clear scent like vanilla or something but I just really like it. That's such a rubbish description, but this is better for your skin I think and I like to use a bit of Johnson's baby oil too just to keep the moisture in my bath. A hot bubbly bath is absolute bliss around this time of year whereas in the summer showers are the one. My Mum bought a new bottle of this earlier this week because the old one had a tiny bit in, so the second I saw a full one was available I pretty much dumped a load of it in my bath because I was so excited - it's that good.

5. Metatone Tonic

I said I had a cure for a cold - I do. My Mum started buying this stuff last year and I didn't get a cold once during the autumn - winter period last year. You know that feeling when you know you're about to get sick but you're not quite there yet? Whenever I feel like that, I take a tablespoon or two of this bad boy and I'm ready to go. I think it boosts your immune system or something because when you start feeling sick it's probably your immune system trying to fight off the bug right? I do biology so you'd think I know that but nope. It's cherry flavoured but it's sort of medicine-y flavoured. My Mum buys it so I couldn't say where it's from but I assume it's just from a regular supermarket.

6. Hot Chocolate and Whipped Cream

To be honest, I was drinking hot chocolate throughout the whole of summer but I didn't want to use whipped cream on it because it's been sort of a fear food of mine for about a year and I stopped having it, but I decided to conquer my fear food and have it on hot chocolate and it makes such a difference. It's lovely to be all cosy and have hot chocolate too, this particular hot chocolate is waitrose low calorie hot chocolate which is really really good but it gets that disgusting hot chocolate residue at the end which I can't stand. I don't mind it in some hot chocolates because it tastes like sugar but not in this one, makes me a bit queasy just thinking about it..

7. Pop Tarts

Another thing I had stocked up on in the USA, but in Sainsbury's they're actually not too expensive for the more basic flavours so my Mum has started buying them - yay Mum! If anyone starts even talking about Pop tarts I do just perk up and go all fuzzy inside, I think the jammy fruit ones are the best but even the chocolate ones are okay. They have way better flavours in the USA but hey it's better than nothing. I had actually tried these ages before going to America, I think they introduced them in the UK years ago and I tried them and just thought they were really really sweet and then my parents never bought them again. Then I got them in a cybercandy box (the Cherry ones) and fell in love, so I knew when we went to the USA I had to stock up! Anyone who's reading this who knows me should know my birthday is coming up soon so hint hint I like pop tarts.......

8. Herbal tea

Similar to my love of hot chocolate, but during the week I like to have a herbal tea before bed because there's no caffeine or sugar or bad stuff in them. Hot chocolate is sort of what I have as a treat on a Friday. I'm really loving Butter Mint tea, but my favourite tea is probably strawberry and mango with a teaspoon of splenda - perfect.

That's all I have for my September Favourites 2013, what are you loving right now? If you've done a post similar to mine please post a comment with the link because I like to read them.

ALSO, me, Lizzie, and a few other friends are doing some charity work for WOHAA which is Wings of Hope Achievement Award. We basically are raising money to help children in less fortunate countries get a decent education, we're going to be doing a variety of events to raise money. The first one being that a few members of our team are going to be dying their hair in crazy colours. If we raise £50, they'll do one colour. £100 is two colours. £150 is three colours, and if we raise £200 then they'll dress in the colour of their hair. If we raise enough money to get to the semi-finals (it's sort of like a competition) we can go to the House of Lords, if we win all together we get to go to India and see the schools and the children we've been donating to.

The link to our donation page:

If you can donate anything, anything at all we would be so thankful. Thanks for reading this little extra bit anyway, I'll be posting about the charity events we do as well. Our team is called Legend-wait-for-it-dary because it's a How I met your Mother reference? I don't watch it but the other members of my team do so..

Sorry I went off on a tangent - bye!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

17th birthday

So my birthday is in just over a month and I don't know what to do to celebrate and I feel like I should celebrate because I couldn't really last year for my 16th as my friends all cancelled on me (thanks a lot guys). So far I've had a few ideas but there are problems

My ideas:

  • Disney movie day where me and my friends dress up as Disney characters
  • Dress up as Disney characters and go to the big Disney store in central London then go to Chinatown or something for a meal
  • Go out for a meal
  • Camden Market??
So the problems with these is that my Mum doesn't want people to come round to my house, the second one is that it might be a  bit awkward walking around as Disney characters and I wanted to do something a bit more out of the ordinary like a themed party, and going out for a meal seems pretty boring. My birthday is in November so it is cold so stuff like theme parks is a bit out of the question, plus most of my friends are going to Thorpe Park for a fright night school trip so going again 2 weeks later seems a bit dull. There are like eight people I want to come (by the way, Lizzie and Isabella if you're reading you guys are part of the eight people). I really like the idea of a Disney theme though, so hopefully my Mum will change her mind and let people round but otherwise I don't know.

So here's where you come in (hopefully), if you have any ideas for what I could do for my birthday then it would be much appreciated - thanks. I will be doing a 'proper' post on the weekend (September Favourites) but I am really stumped about my birthday so I felt I needed to ask the public. ALSO me and my friends are doing WOHAA (Wings of Hope Achievement Award) so when that's started up I'll post a link on my posts if you want to donate, it's a charity organisation but I'll talk about that more at the time.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

This or That Tag

The lovely Kelly did this and invited all her followers to do this, so I am :-)

Make Up

Blusher or Bronzer:
I never use any to be honest, but I think blusher is quite nice if used subtly.

Lipgloss or Lipstick:
Lip gloss, I never really use lipstick it feels too sticky and clingy and erm

Liner or Mascara:

Foundation or Concealer:
Concealer, however I've been destined to wear foundation because there is no concealer that matches my skin colour

Neutral Eyeshadow or Colour Eyeshadow:
If I wear it, I wear colour

Pressed or Loose Eyeshadow:
erm what is this


OPI or China Glaze:
erm what is this

Long or Short Nails:
Somewhere in the middle

Acrylic or Natural:
Natural, acrylic seems a bit chavvy 

Bright or Dark:
Bright, I wear such dark clothing so if I wear nail varnish I want it to be a bit bright

Flower or No Flower?
No flower


Perfume or Body Spray:
Body spray

Lotion or Body Butter:
I've only ever used lotion so lotion..

Body Wash or Soap:
Body wash

Lush or Other Bath Companies:
I've never used lush, personally I think Johnson's baby bath is divine


Jeans or Sweat Pants:

Long Sleeves or Short Sleeves:
Short Sleeves, it's much more versatile

Dresses or Skirts:
I think skirts, they're easier to wear all year round and you can vary your tops

Stripes or Plaid
Plaid, strangely enough I don't own any plaid

Flip Flops or Sandals:

Scarves or Hats:

Studs or Dangly Earrings:
My ears aren't pierced lol, the only girl in the world who doesn't want them pierced

Necklace's or Bracelets

Heels or Flats:
Flats, heels look nice but I bet I could never walk in them

Jackets or Hoodies:
Jackets, but I do love hoodies as well


Curly or Straight:
Straight but afro-y

Bun or Ponytail:
Probably a bun

Bobby Pins or Bufferfly Clips:
Bobby Pins

Hair Spray or Gel:
I don't uses either

Long or Short:

Light or Dark:

Side Sweep or Full Bangs (Fringe):
Depends on the person, full bangs wouldn't suit me
Up or Down:


Rain or Shine:

Summer or Winter:

Autumn or Spring:

Chocolate or Vanilla:
Chocolate of course

I tag you all to do this, if you do then please link back to here and comment your version of this :)

Collective Haul | Primark, Next, Savers ❤

So today I went out to buy a few necessities today so this is what I bought.

1. Pleather Satchel - Primark (£9)

I really like this satchel and it has enough space for my textbooks and pencil case and all of that, it seems really durable too for pleather. I got the brown one because the black one seemed a bit too formal, and I didn't much care for the patterned ones, not even the floral one interested me.

2. Beatles t-shirt - Next (£10)

I've had my eye on this for a while and it was reduced from £22, to be honest I thought it was £8 because I judged it by the size 6 one I saw so it's more than I would pay. I bought it in size 14 so it's pretty baggy because I'm a size 8 but I love baggy tees, it's quite sheer but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'll probably wear this with a skater skirt, shorts or maybe jeans.

3. Simple Hydrating Moisuriser - Savers (£1.99)

I've needed some moisturiser for a while now, and seeming as winter is coming I'll probably need it more now. I think simple is a nice brand, I got the light moisturiser rather than the rich because I don't want my skin to get greasy haha but that was the same price if you want a nice moisturiser. 

4. Beauty Forever Anti-Aging Makeup Almond - M&M hair and beauty (£2.49)

Honestly I wanted Rimmel Wake me up concealer but their limited shades weren't my skin colour, in fact I learned that most foundations are for 'average skin'. Which annoys me because now I had to use foundation rather than concealer, this is perfect for my skin. I hadn't heard of the brand, but it is the only one I found for my skin colour. Frankly I'm annoyed, shouldn't the mixed race person be able to cover up their spots and grey circles? Ditto pale white people, ditto black people. If I ever start a makeup company, I will make makeup for the 'minority'. I think with this, less is more, I tried it and my face looked a little shiny.

Thanks for reading, a mini-haul I know but I wanted to share what I bought with you.

50 Random Facts About Me Tag

I saw this tag on this blog and I thought it looked interesting, so I'm going to do it :-)

1. My birthday is 10th November 1996

2. I basically know the entire script to School of Rock

3. I've been playing the piano since I was 4, then I gave up and started again when I was 6 and now I'm preparing for my grade 7 exam in November

4. I like to play the guitar

5. I had vocal lessons from year 8 to the end of year 11

6. I'm obsessed with classic Disney films

7. ^I'm basically obsessed with films in general

8. I looooove music, but my favourite bands are probably The Beatles or The Smiths

9. I am a proud atheist.

10. I've been obsessed with The Sims games for 17394471820 years, I used to wake up at like 5am on the weekends and play The Sims/The Sims 2 until 11pm at night, then do the same thing the next morning

11. I haven't been able to eat bubblegum since I was 12, I had a party for my 12th birthday and my friends came to my house, and I used to have a bubblegum machine in my room. My friend took loads of them and ate them, then spat it out in the toilet and I've never been able to do so much as smell it ever since. I can eat chewing gum but it has to be minty or it reminds me of the incident.

12. The only pet I've ever had is a fish and it died after a few months, apparently she was the sickest in the tank but I didn't realise that when I was younger, I just saw the loneliest one and thought it would want a friend but it didn't eat anything and yeah Jessy died.

13. I have two older half sisters called Abbie and Frances, and a younger brother called Reuben.

14. My GCSE options were Maths, triple Science, English, History, French, Music and Business Studies. I got 7A, 2B, 2C and a distinction in P.E. I honestly don't think I would've gotten any Cs if my science teacher hadn't put us on a course intended for private school students, furthermore he left like a week to finish a whole two units. My biology teacher was good though.

15. My As options are Psychology, Philosophy, History and Biology.

16. My favourite drink is tea without sugar, I have to have at least one cup a day or I cannot function.

17. I've only been to one concert, to see Ben Folds Five at the O2 academy in Brixton.

18. Friends is like my favourite show, I have seen every episode so many times and I still laugh every time.

19. I have never watched an episode of TOWIE.

20. I  am currently reading Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

21. The first CD that I owned was Pop Party

22. I am 168cm tall

23. I hate hospitals, this is more of a new fear but I can't stand stepping foot in there anymore

24. When I was 5, I wanted to be a pirate when I grew up

25. The Christmas tradition in my family is bacon rolls for lunch and burgers for dinner

26. I've lived in 7 different houses (including the one I'm in now)

27. One summer when I was moving house, I stayed in about 7 hotels

28. I think Danny Elfman is one of the greatest composers ever, especially in Nightmare before Christmas

29. Michael. J. Fox is one of my heroes, and I really hope that one day there is a cure for Parkinson's disease

30. My favourite food is Chinese food

31. Me and my friends (one of them being Lizzie) do mad things like hiding slices of cheese in people's room

32. I have an obsession with Hugh Grant

33. When I was younger, I used to be a little obsessed with Tony Blair, I did a school project on him and I wrote a letter to him before he stopped being prime minister (he didn't reply)

34. I love Irish accents

35. I'm introverted

36. I'm pretty obsessed with Star Wars, the music, the acting, the storyline and the sass is so perfect

37. I love hello kitty and tatty teddy

38. My favourite fast food joint is Wendy's, but I've only been there once when I visited the USA and they haven't had Wendy's in the UK since the 80s

39. I love pop tarts

40. I used to hate peas but now I really like them

41. I went through a cringey emo stage

42. I'm left wing

43. My favourite album by The Smiths is either 'the Queen is dead' or 'Meat is murder'

44. My favourite shoes are Dr Martens

45. DISCLAIMER: I'm not a racist, but I always laugh when Malfoy calls Hermione a 'filthy, little mudblood' in Harry Potter. My brother does too, we have a dark sense of humour...

46. I was obsessed with Justin Bieber for about a year, but now I can't stand him

47. My favourite movie that I watched this year was 'the Great Gatbsy'

48. I don't like wearing jeans because I'm scared that people are looking at my thighs

49. I don't like people watching me eat because I feel like they're judging me

50. I hate my legs

That's all my facts, that took longer than I thought.

I'm tagging:

If you want to do it then feel free to do it :-)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Review | Bendy Rollers ♡

Hello there you beautiful internet peoples you.
So a while ago I bought these 'bendy rollers' from Primark (Click Here to See the Haul) for £1.50 each because my Mum said they're really effective for curling your hair, so she bought them. I could already think of the benefits, they're foamy so they're not going to tug at your hair and there's no heat required. We bought two packets because my hair is relatively long.

So what I did (I've done this a few times now so I'm quite experienced ;) ) is take a bendy roller, roll some hair around it and twist the roller (it's bendy so it holds its place). I'm saying I did it, my Mum did it for me but that's what she did. I may not be explaining this well so I have a photo for you.

So the first time I did it, I left them in overnight after washing and blow drying my hair and the next morning I was left with springy curls! Unfortunately, it was a humid day so it went flat 5 minutes after I walked out the door, so no one at sixth form had even noticed a difference. So I did it again and left it in all weekend to see whether bendy rollers are ineffective or if it was just the humidity. So on Monday morning this happened...

You can tell how springy it is because my hair is usually quite a bit longer than that and lots of people thought I had cut my hair, this held all day. My only complaint is, and this is my fault for leaving it in all weekend, is that my hair felt quite dry because it was hard to massage moisturiser in over the weekend so it got a bit knotted. So if you do leave it in for extended periods of time, or just to be on the safe side - use moisturiser so it doesn't get knotted or tangly, or at least brush it through before you put it back in again. 

The above picture is how it looked by the end of the day, it wasn't as short as it was before but that's my fault because I play with my hair and I pulled on it a lot. If you aren't a weirdo and you can leave your hair alone then it should stay springy all day.

  • no heat
  • cheap
  • easy
  • long lasting
  • can leave your hair feeling dry
  • hair can get tangled
Overall, a top notch product, even if you don't want curls you can brush it out and have voluminous hair. That's actually the main reason I wanted it curled because my hair has gotten much thinner recently for reasons I shall not delve into. So if you live near a Primark, you can pick them up for £1.50 a packet. If Primark is not accessible to you, then I think you can order some from Amazon/eBay and I bet you can get it from quite a few shops but as Primark is accessible to me I couldn't tell you which shops so I apologise. 

Thanks for reading! 

Friday, 13 September 2013

September Wishlist 2013

The Autumn Tag

The Autumn tag

I was tagged by so check out her blog!

For Autumn, what is your...

1.  Favourite thing about it? You can be tucked up in bed with your laptop without getting too hot :-)

2.  Favourite drink?  Cup of tea always (no sugar bleh!)

3.  Favourite scent/candle? I really like sweet scents, like in Primark they have pink candles that just smell really sweet, also lemon :-)

4.  Best lipstick?  I don't really wear lipstick so I don't own one... beauty noob 

5.  Go to moisturiser? I quite like the cucumber moisturiser you get from Boots

6.  Go to colours for the eyes? I usually just put on black eyeliner on my eyes, but if I wear eyeshadow then purple usually looks quite nice.

7.  Favourite music or band/singer to listen to? My favourite band is The Beatles, The Smiths coming close second. At the moment I'm really loving Lana Del Rey because she's perfect, I made a post about my favourite songs at the moment so if you're interested then click to my blog internet chums.

8.  Favourite outfit to wear (i.e. boots & a scarf combo)?  Baggy cardigan and Dr Martens, I don't mind what goes on between that combo.

9.  Autumn treat? I may be investing in another pair of Dr Martens hehe..

10.  Favourite place to be?  In my bed, with my laptop, in my pyjamas haha.

I'm tagging:

Thanks for reading, please don't tag me back because I won't answer the same questions again sorry!

The Autumn Tag Creater =

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Liebster Awards (Again)

So I was tagged in another Liebster Awards by

It's a tag to answer 10 questions about yourself and then to tag another 10 blogs with 10 new questions. It's a great way for lesser known bloggers to support and discover each other.

The rules:

1. The tagged/nominated blogs must have under 200 followers
2. Tag the blog that nominated you

3. Let the people you tagged know so that they can respond

Questions she asked me:
1. Whats your favourite song? At the moment, my favourite song is probably This Charming Man by The Smiths, which I mentioned in my blog post 'favourite songs of the moment'. I've liked it ever since I heard it but recently I've started listening to it religiously again.
2. Why did you start blogging? Because I've always wanted my own chunk of the internet, when I was younger I did youtube (and failed), then I did twitter, tumblr, returned to youtube (failed again), and after watching Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter on youtube talk about what to do when starting a blog, I started to think that maybe I was capable of doing it, also I've always been interested in fashion, especially making cheaper clothes look nice so here I am now.
3. What's your favourite blog post that you've written? Probably my primark haul or my USA! post
4. Whats your favourite lipstick/lip product? Honestly lip products are not my forte, I quite like Clarins lip gloss but vaseline will do me any day, however on the wish list in my head I have Baby Lips, I'd quite like to try that.
5. Give three blog links that you're currently loving.

6. Whats the one product you couldn't live without? Eyeliner, whether it's pencil or liquid, I refuse to leave the house without it
7. Is your hair colour natural? If not what dye do you use? (weird question but I'm nosey like that!) My hair colour is natural, with the type of hair I have (afro/English mix) it can dry out quite easily and get damaged easily so I have avoided hair dye. Plus I don't think any colours would look nice with my hair except maybe black.
8. Who is your fashion icon? Twiggy
9. If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and why? Last time I said Linda McCartney, this time I'm gonna say Ringo Starr because I could take pictures of fruit and post them on twitter and just say 'peace and love' and post dolphins and stuff, I'm aware I could do that now but meh
10. Who is your biggest inspiration? Last time, I think I said Michael. J. Fox, but another of my heroes is Ben Folds. Not necessarily for the person he is, but for the talent he has. I'm a grade 7 pianist but I think even at grade 8 I will never level up to him, plus I love his attitude because he reminds me not to take any claptrap from anyone, oh and the song '1 angry dwarf and 200 solemn faces' is helping me get through school, that and 'underground'.
The people I've tagged are:

Sorry, I'm only doing 5 tags because I've done this before and I'd probably end up tagging the same people again. 
Thanks for reading!
As I've said, I've done this twice now so as much as I appreciate the tags, I won't be doing anymore but I appreciate the gesture :-)

Favourite Songs of the Moment

My music taste is pretty different from most kids my age, and these songs aren't new songs but they're songs that for some reason have just been sticking in my head this week.

1. This Charming Man - The Smiths

This song is just perfect to be quite honest, the guitar part is pretty cool and Morrissey is amazeballs so there.

2. Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? - Arctic Monkeys

This song is so catchy, the Arctic Monkeys are one of my favourite bands up there with The Beatles and The Smiths. My friend and I are constantly singing this at school, the Arctic Monkeys' new album is definitely on my wishlist!

3. This is What Makes Us Girls - Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is like a goddess to be quite honest, her voice is like honey and her song's are different and individual, she's a radiant human being. This album is basically perfection.

4. Living Dead- Marina and the Diamonds

I don't usually like this type of music but there's something about Marina, I really like this album too, I think it's a love hate type of thing though. More like marmite and the diamonds haha..

5. Off to the Races - Lana Del Rey

As I said before, I love this album, plus I like the Lolita reference haha.

Thanks for reading, I have way more favourite songs but these are just constantly in my head at the moment, I'm sure I'll overplay them and end up skipping them every time they come up on my shuffle but I don't know. 

My question for you: what are your favourite songs of the moment?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Review | Johnson's Face Care Refreshing Cleansing Lotion

So I bought this product because I was out of cleanser, and I'm not faithful to any brand. I buy what's low priced but looks good for my skin, and my skin is extremely sensitive so I thought this cleanser looked appropriate. It was £2.49 from Savers, but on the website it says that its RRP is £3.05.

The bottle is 200ml, and it's for normal skin. I didn't even see a bottle for dry skin but according to the website they have it.  I used it with cotton wool, I took a blob and applied a thin layer around my face, you can do a bit more if you want but I use toner as well (Garnier) in case I miss anywhere, and then I left it on for about 30 seconds and wiped it off with cotton wool. I used to apply cleanser, then brush my teeth for 3 minutes, then wash off the cleanser but I'm not sure whether it made much of a difference but if you want to do that then go right ahead. I applied it after make up remover, and then finished with toner so whether it is as effective without that I couldn't be 100% sure.

  • leaves my skin feeling soft
  • good value for money
  • basically does the job
  • not a cheap looking bottle
  • weird smell (this could just be me, it wasn't as pleasant as my old cleanser but it wasn't exactly unpleasant)
  • not the cheapest, good quality cleanser out there
So overall this is a decent product, there are cheaper cleansers out there that also do the job but I don't feel this was a waste of money. It's not harsh which I like, I've had cleansers in the past that have been harsh and felt like they were burning my skin so I immediately washed them off and shunned them to the corner.. of my bathroom.. sorry to ramble, you get the idea.

My questions to you:

  1. What cleanser do you use? 
  2. What is your cleansing regime?
  3. Are you loyal to any  brand?
Thanks for reading, leave a comment below answering the questions or whatever, and leave a link to your blog because I am always looking for new reading material and more blogs to follow because my dashboard is pretty dead, so bye :-)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Liebster Awards

I have been tagged for the Liebster by the lovely Francesca!

It's a tag to answer 10 questions about yourself and then to tag another 10 blogs with 10 new questions. It's a great way for lesser known bloggers to support and discover each other.

The rules:
1. The tagged/nominated blogs must have under 200 followers
2. Tag the blog that nominated you
3. Let the people you tagged know so that they can respond

Questions I was asked:

1. What is your favourite time of year? Spring, because I love how it's warm but it's not boiling like summer. Also you have Easter, who doesn't love chocolate?
2. What is your favourite memory?  My holiday to the USA, I only came back a week ago but it was my first time going and it was such a lovely experience, I got to see all the sights, see some relatives who previously were facebook friends and try lots of new food, it was just lovely.
3. If you could be someone else for a day who would you pick? I think Linda McCartney, to see what it's like to be married to Paul McCartney and to be 'in' the mania but not exactly the reason for the mania, if that makes sense..
4. Whats your must have beauty product? Eyeliner, whether it be pencil or liquid, I can't leave the house without putting it on.
5. What can you not live without? Some form of listening to music, if I can't listen to my phone when I'm walking to places or when I'm stressed or whatever I will not be in a good mood.
6. When did you start blogging? About six weeks, I'm really new to blogging but I am loving it.
7. Why did you start blogging? I'm a huge fan of Zoella, and I was watching her video that Zoe did with Louise (SprinkleOfGlitter) about starting a blog and I just thought 'hey I want some of that' so I made a blog, I always wanted to do primark hauls and stuff like that but I've done youtube before and failed at it, so I shan't be returning unless there is popular demand.
8. What is your favourite item of clothing? At the moment, my pinafore. Unless it includes shoes, then it would definitely be my black patent Dr Martens.
9. Who is your fashion icon? Probably Twiggy.
10. Who inspires you the most? Michael. J. Fox, because he taught me that I should be optimistic which I have huge trouble with.I tag:

My Questions:
1. Do you have any siblings?
2. What is your blog about?
3. If you have twitter, what is your twitter?
4. If you have instagram, what is your instagram?
5. Why did you start blogging?
6. What are your top 5 shops?
7. What is your favourite song at the moment?
8. What is your motto?
9. What is your favourite beverage?
10. What annoys you most?

Enjoy :-)