Sunday, 20 October 2013

Collective Fashion Haul ft. Isabella ♡

So yesterday me and Isabella went shopping and we had originally planned to go to all the beauty stores and all the fashion stores but it just became fashion because we ran out of time and wanted to hurry back to Isabella's to make cakes (the vlog we made about that is here). Anyway, Isabella is going to write about the cake making on her page and I'm doing the haul here so make sure you click over to her page please because she's a new blogger and deserves 50000x more followers because she is a cutie.

What Isabella Bought:

 1. Grey Primark Cardigan/Jacket/Blazer (£14)
Isabella thought this was really cosy and it's lovely and baggy which is great for the autumn-winter season, I thought it was really cute how she said in Primark that her Mum is going to be stealing it from her and when we showed her Mum what we bought her Mum actually said she would be taking it. It doesn't have buttons on it but it had a clip type thing at the top but we thought it looked better open :)
 2. Primark Black Jumper Dress with White Collar (£12)
We picked this up thinking it was a jumper and we both commented on the cute collar, but we were wondering why it was so long and it turns out it is like a short dress and we were wondering whether it would look good or not, so Isabella tried it on and it looked perfect on her seriously and it wasn't itchy or anything. We went around the store feeling clothes to see if they were itchy, it's heartbreaking finding a nice jumper and then finding out how itchy it is :'(
 3. Primark Nail Wraps (£1 reduced to 50p)
Isabella saw these while we were waiting in the queue and just picked them up, I've heard some pretty decent reviews of these and you can't go wrong for 50p plus it saves messy nail polish accidents which I am prone to which is why 98% of the time I'm not wearing nail varnish. Is there a difference between nail polish and nail varnish? I should know right?..
 4. Poundland Doughnut Bun (£1 if you couldn't already guess..)
Isabella picked this up because she wants more volume in her hair, she has a really lovely face so her hair always looks nice in a bun. I love using these because you can get a nice evenly shaped bun (if you're like me and can't do neat ones then it looks like a 'messy' bun which is always great)
5. Not My Birthday Present From the Disney Store
We went to the Disney store for a few minutes just to look up the location of Isabella's bank and got lost in the cuteness of the store, one of the shop assistants actually came up to us and asked if we wanted help which means we must've looked a bit mad. If you watch the vlog then you'll see us in awe of it all, they had these adorable soft toys which I loved and if I ever get enough money I will buy them all and put them all in my bed and have a little disney family and kiss them all good night, anyway stay tuned as it's my birthday in about 3 weeks so I may do a birthday haul if I get anything ;)

What I bought:

1. Beatles Shirt From Primark (£8)
I saw this shirt when we walked into Primark for wave one and made a bee line towards the shirt, it's a 3/4 length which is quite good for the autumn-winter months because I have loads of band shirts but they're t-shirts and because they're baggy they're a bit awkward to layer but this is from the women's section (for once, 90% of my clothes are from the men's section) and it seems a bit baggy for a size 8 but it still seems pretty cool. I'm hoping my friends Khushboo and Lizzie don't notice the innuendo when I wear it to sixth form, I didn't notice until I had another look at it later but I still like it even though it's a bit different than what I would normally wear. This is a good top because you could wear it with jeans, shorts, skirts, all year round :)
 2. Primark 'the Little Mermaid' T-shirt (£6)
Quite possibly my best purchase of the day. It's rather bright but knowing me I'd wear quite neutral colours to co-ordinate it with so it'd cancel out. I know my philosophy teacher would love it because she's super cool and a Disney fanatic. If you watch my vlog you can tell that me and Isabella are also big Disney fans. I think this would look really cute tucked into a skater skirt. I got a size 10 but it's really baggy so I think either Primark is going mental with their sizing again or it's meant to be a baggy tee, the sleeves are rolled up which is quite cute too. I was dying from cuteness when I saw it, I love Disney so much I really need to acquire more Disney DVDs before all my VHS Disneys die on me :'( I did mention it's my birthday soon right?

 3. Primark Basic White 'Crew' Shirt (£2.50)
I've been wanting to get a new basic white shirt for quite a while but when I go out I sort of go like 'oh I can get this any time whereas this stock is going to run out' so I spend my money on something else but I saw it and just picked it up so I don't postpone it any longer. I accidentally picked up a V-neck which frustrates me because I didn't realise until taking the picture today however it doesn't look too bad and it's only £2.50. I got it in a small so it is a bit baggy but I didn't want an oversized shirt because I have loads of them and they're a bit awkward to coordinate with unless you're just wearing leggings around the house or tucking them into skirts and sometimes they don't look right tucked into skirts.
 4. New Look Black Jersey Skater Skirt (£12.99)
I've been wanting a basic black skirt for a long time because I have some baggy shirts that don't look right tucked into my denim skirt because they're grey and clash a bit so I bought this. It's lovely and thick and feels good quality. I did look in Primark first for a black skirt and I found some pleather ones which were alright but they didn't have them in my size so I have taken that as a blessing in disguise because after finding this one I thought this is going to last longer, be warmer, wash well and won't stick to my bottom when I sit down :) it comes with a nice little belt too which I might take out and use with jeans, but a lot of Primark clothes come with hideous belts so I might end up just chucking those in the back of my wardrobe and never using them but a nice black one like this will definitely get used.
5. Poundland Minnie Mouse Headband (£1.. if you hadn't already guessed)
We both got these and you can see pictures in this post. I saw it while having a little mosey around Poundland and picked up to try it on as a joke, and Isabella thought it looked cute so we both bought one and wore them all day. Contemplating whether I can get away with wearing it at school. The ears are made out of a foam type of material so I don't think they're the type of thing that can withstand rough handling but for a cute little memento of our day it was worth the purchase.

6. Poundland Hello Kitty Socks (£1, I'm not going to make my witty remark again)
Poundland have some adorable socks in right now. The last time I went in I bought some hello kitty slipper socks and tatty teddy socks, I was going to make a mini haul but I only had skincare and socks so I didn't think it was worth making a post about, but the socks are super cute! Do not poopoo poundland!

That is the entire haul, I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure you click over to Isabella's page and follow her because once she gets into the hang of blogging and has a bit more time of her hand she will probably be doing more posts like these, and she's going to do a post on the cute cakes we made. If you liked me doing a haul with someone else then please comment and say so I know to do it again, we've already planned one for the future but it's good to know people will enjoy it too. We really enjoyed doing a collaboration and it was such a lovely day so please give us an excuse to do it again :)


  1. it was such a perfect day and i'm super happy with everything we brought! il get around to posting the cakes soon hopefully by tuesday.

    1. it really was, and awesome, can't wait to see it :)

  2. Great Haul! Think I need to make a trip to Primark :) x


    1. Thanks, and they have some really great stuff in at the moment :)

  3. Love the little mermaid top!

  4. I need that jumper + white collar top! Lovely items you bought there :) x

  5. Hello! I've nominated you for the sunshine award! If you want to take part, all of the details are on my blog! Chloe x

  6. Such a great collab and I love the Cardigan Isabella bought looking for something just like that :)

    1. thanks, she thought your comment was really cute :) we're thinking of doing more collabs in the future :)


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