Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Sweater Weather Tag ✩

So I saw that Chloe had done this tag as part of her Blogmas (day 3) and it looked interesting so I thought I'd do it too, I was considering taking part in Blogmas but my life isn't interesting enough to write things everyday so I apologise if you were expecting or wanting me to take part (it's ok I understand if you didn't..) but anyway I thought I'd do the tag as she tagged all of her followers to do it. Whilst I'm not planning to do Blogmas/Vlogmas, I am hoping to do more vlogs this month because I'm doing more interesting things!!

Favourite candle scents for this time of year?
I don't really use candles in my room due to the fact that I'm terrified of setting anything on fire (I am hoping to acquire a Yankee candle tart melt so this won't be an issue) but I really like sweet scents all year round, I am quite liking apple and cinnamon at the moment though.

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
I like all of them though :-( coffee comes last for me though, I like hot chocolate when I'm getting cosy in bed and watching something like a movie or, at the moment, Sabrina the teenage Witch so I guess Hot Chocolate but tea has a special place in my heart.

Dark Lips or Winged Eyeliner?
Winged eyeliner definitely, anyone who sees me at sixth form knows that I wear winged eyeliner everyday. I'm not a big fan of lip colours, I stick with good old vaseline or lip balm.

Favourite Fragrance for Fall?
I'm really enjoying the Love hearts perfume haha, it's not an expensive one but it's really sweet and it makes me feel like a walking sweet shop.

What is your most worn sweater?
My cream jumper from Primark last year, it's baggy and lovely and just awesome 

Hats or Scarves?
I would normally say hats but at the moment I've been stealing Antoinette's gryffindor scarf which she borrowed from Megan so at the moment scarves haha.. by the way you should follow them because they are super cute :)

Favourite fall nail varnishes?
In all honesty I'm not really a nail varnish person, I wear clear nail varnish if anything haha

Football games or jumping in leaves?
Do I have to do one? I haven't played football in years and I don't like leaves.. I don't quite know why but I really don't like them so I think I'd rather stay indoors with a hot chocolate thanks..

Skinny Jeans or Leggings?
If I'm indoors leggings (although I  am usually seen around the house in pyjama bottoms because who has time to change into leggings??), and if I'm outdoors skinny jeans but I hardly wear jeans any more

Boots or Uggs?
Boots!! And for even more detail, my trusty doc martens! 

Favourite thing about fall?
I like the fashion, I like watching Christmas movies (Elf, Bridget Jones, Love Actually..) and the constant supply of chocolate

Songs that really get you in the fall spirit?
I don't really have songs that get me into AUTUMN (goddamn it Americans) but as for Christmas I think 'last Christmas' is probably an all time fave

Thanks for reading, as I said in my last blog post I am going to be writing a post/doing a vlog about Harry Potter studios (and a Harry Potter marathon/themed sleepover) very soon featuring AntoinetteIsabella and Lizzie so stay tuned - I'm so excited and it's the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit (HOGWARTS IN THE SNOW WILL BE PERFECTION)


  1. I did this tag as well :)

    I tagged you in the Christmas tag over on my blog, hope you would like to do the tag :)



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