Thursday, 28 November 2013

November Empties ♡

Hello there fellow bloggers, I haven't done an empties post since the Summer so I thought I would do one as it's nearly the end of November and I've got a few empties. You may have seen these products before in hauls or whatever but now I've used them and give an honest review.

1. Johnson's Refreshing Cleansing Lotion 
I'll be honest, I only really bought this product because it was reduced at Savers, but I also expected it to be really good for sensitive skin and I didn't think it was anything special. Also it has a peculiar smell, (I did a full review here where I said the same thing) which put me off. It would have to be a very good product for me to get past the smell but I like my facial cleansers to smell nice, I use toner afterwards so I guess I don't have to put up with the smell for too long but yes that's all. Also if you squeeze out a bit much and it stays around the rim it goes chunky and horrible which I don't like, I've never had that problem with other facial cleansers so this isn't good. Overall, I probably wouldn't repurchase this unless it was reduced even more.

2. Superdrug Dry Shampoo 'Away with the Fairies'
My Mum gave me this to get me to stop teasing my hair in order to get more volume but I now use this everyday or every other day so I'm not sure if that's better.. but I really enjoy this product. My Mum had 2 other Superdrug Dry Shampoos and I went with this because it had fairies in the name and I like fairies so.. it doesn't really have much of a smell and it makes my throat feel a bit scratchy but it does the job and my hair is more voluminous after using it.

3. Spatopia Argan Oil Body Wash
If you saw my birthday haul you may remember this, and you may be wondering how I finished it all in 2 weeks. I'll be honest.. I'm wondering about that too. I've used it a few times and either there was barely any in there to start with, it's all leaked out or someone in my family has been using it. Anyway I used it enough times to say some things about it. It's definitely not a bad product, I like the smell of Argan oil and my pyjamas constantly smell of it now because I use this then the body butter that came with it. I don't think it's anything special but I did enjoy using it so I suppose if I saw it again I might repurchase (although it was a gift so I don't think it would be too cheap..). Honestly I usually just use baby bath and baby oil because I love that and I love using the bubbles to clean myself but this is a more grown up option so..

4. Garnier Toner
I don't remember how I acquired this but I have used this a few times before even starting this blog because I think Garnier is a nice brand, I've never really had a problem with their products. This toner doesn't have a scent which is a bit annoying because I like to feel like if someone chooses to smell my face they will like it (hey.. it happens..). It did exactly what I hoped a toner would do which is basically remove impurities from your skin that the cleanser didn't get. I would definitely repurchase this because it's not that expensive.

5. Constance Carroll Liquid Eyeliner
I've had this product for quite a few years because I bought it, then I stopped using it because I was a makeup noob and usually ended up looking really dodgy (I was terrified of putting the liquid near my waterline because I'd usually poke myself and make my eye go all black.. nice) and my Mum would make me take it off most of the time because it looked so terrible. So I used pencil instead, but this year I've started using it more and now I wear it everyday so it's finally coming to the end. It's not quite finished yet but it's really close. Constance Carroll is basically a cheap brand but it does what's it's supposed to. It drys really quickly and it's a nice thick black. My only problem is that it's not long lasting so it's fine for a day of school but if I was going out again in the evening I'd have to put more on. Overall, I think I would repurchase this because liquid eyeliners are pretty hit and miss so once you have a good one I think it's best to stick with it.

Thanks for reading! I have a few posts lined up until Christmas, including a Harry Potter Studios post featuring Isabella, Antoinette and Lizzie!!! (If you couldn't tell I'm really excited)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

VLOG // Christmas Shopping ft. Isabella ♡

So me and Isabella went shopping yesterday to buy christmas presents for people, (totally not Antoinette) and we made a little vlog. I'll be helping Isabella write a little post about the baking we did so stay tuned :)

Friday, 22 November 2013

Primark Haul November 2013 ♡

So I went to Primark today and I got some really lovely stuff so I thought I would share it with you all, I'm gonna warn you now I got 3 of the same thing (in different colours) so it's not that varied but hope you like it!

1. Christmas Clear LED lights (£1.50)
 I've been looking for some lights to wind around my bed since I re-decorated in the summer and because it's christmas there are lights everywhere so I just picked these up, they're battery operated which is good as I don't have a socket near my bed, they make my room feel really cosy and lovely :) they also had a pack of 40 LED lights (This is 20) for £2.50 but I didn't want to pay the extra pound as I didn't feel I really needed it.

2. Black Skater Dress (£5)
 One of my best purchases of the day (hence why I got it in 3 colours), it's really slimming and the bottom part is high waisted, it's really lovely basically and I think I may even be able to get away with this in the summer but in the winter I can put on some nice thick tights (keep reading) and my trusty Dr Martens and be away on an adventure.... at sixth form..

3. Burgundy Skater Dress (£5)
 You didn't think I was joking when I said I got this in 3 colours did you? I really wanted a burgundy dress for autumn/winter because it's a really nice colour but I don't have a great deal of it in my wardrobe.

4. Navy Skater Dress (£5)
 I haven't tried this on yet but I noticed I got this in the size up by accident, I don't think that's such a problem but I will try it on and if it looks really baggy and wrong then I'll return it and get it in a size down because I really like these dresses and I know I'll get lots of wear out of them.

5. Super Cosy Tights (£3.50)
I bet by now you're thinking 'thank heavens she's not going on about those damned skater dresses anymore'.. I picked up some more of these super cosy tights because they are basically the most amazing tights in the universe and that's probably an understatement. If you watch Zoella's videos you know that she picks up a lot of these, well I bought a pair like 3 weeks ago and basically haven't stopped wearing them since, I've actually gotten a few holes in them but they are in the toes and my Mum reckons she can repair them so yay! However I felt I needed another pair anyway because they do go a bit bobbly, but they're so lovely! You can get 200 denier for 50p less but these are fleece lined and thick and wonderful so why wouldn't you get these?????

6. Cosmetic Pads (£1)
 Boring purchase I know, but I'm running out (I have about a third of one of the packs which I've had since September) but at least this will keep me going for a while.

7. Marilyn Monroe T-shirt (£6)
 I really really like this t-shirt, I just hope the hipsters don't ruin it for me. I picked it up not seeing how many times it says 'how to marry a millionaire' but it's not actually specific to that film because there are pictures that aren't from that film, I just really love it. Marilyn Monroe had an interesting life and she is an icon, I love how  she just really wanted to learn and better herself and I think that's something we can all appreciate and relate to.

8. Winnie the Pooh Socks (£1) - Poundland    
Okay so this isn't from Primark - so sue me, but I had seen some really cute Disney socks in Primark but they were £2.50 a pair so instead I went to Poundland and found a pair of socks - Poundland do some uber cute socks, I think I've bought a pair every time I've gone in there at the moment.                                                              

That's everything I bought, I hope you liked my haul. I'm going out tomorrow with Isabella so watch this space because there may or may not be a post...........

Monday, 18 November 2013

Green Beauty Characters Tag

So I saw Evelyn do this tag and she tagged all her followers to do it, and it looked like a bit of fun, not like I have homework to do or anything.. haha..

1.  On my nightstand you'll find: A lamp, my iPhone on charge, a small clock, a fan and a coaster

2.  The literary character I'm most like is: (take this quiz and share your answer) Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.. hmm I don't know what to make of that

3.  I'm currently obsessed with: Playing Candy Crush.. sorry not sorry

4.  My favourite superhero is: Spiderman

5.  Favourite beauty product of 2013: Miss Sporty Pump Up Mascara 

6.  If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive it would be: Paul McCartney

7.  Winter is coming - how do you prep your skin for battle?  I've actually been facing a battle from last week but now my skin is really good, I used aqueous cream on the driest parts of my skin, used a flannel to exfoliate and used Simple Moisturiser and now my skin feels like a dolphin.

8.  My perfect date night makeup consists of: what is a date and where can I buy one

9.  My go-to skin-beautifying snack/drink is: I didn't realise this was a thing lol water I guess

10.  My TV boyfriend is: Freddy from Skins is the only person who comes to mind, he was so sweet

11.  If my evening clutch could only hold one beauty item it would be: A trusty tin of vaseline

12.  One beauty tip I would pass on to my real/fictional daughter: never get lazy with your cleansing routine, your face will suddenly get 23902390329 spots and you will never get rid of the scars

13.  The most nostalgic item from my childhood:  My teddy bear called Munchkin who I have had since I was about 6 or 7

14.  My favourite TV show/s of the moment: I've gotten back into Glee and BBC Doctors is probably the only show I stay faithful to, no one has really heard of it but it's a daytime soap on BBC and it's rather good even though the stories recently haven't been great.

15.  My favourite quote is: "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans" - John Lennon

I tag all of my followers to do this tag and please post a link to your version of this, thanks :D

Sunday, 17 November 2013

My 17th Birthday ♡♡♡

So for my 17th Birthday Party I did the cutest thing in the world and it sounds like a 5 year old's birthday party and to be honest it did sort of turn out like that but anyway it was lots of fun. I did a Disney themed fancy dress party and we just watched Disney movies all day (we only really got through 3 but I have loads so for us to watch all of them my friends would have to move in for the next month and give up school). Our costumes looked pretty good and I thought it was a shame that we may not get another chance to wear them so I thought I'd share them on here :)

The Movies we got through were: Finding Nemo, Beauty and the Beast, and Hunchback of Notre Dame (no one really seemed that interested in that besides me, Isabella and Antoinette so we finished watching it once everyone else had gone home)

From left to right:
Top: Queen of Hearts, Piglet, Belle, Pocahontas
Middle: Tigerlily, Snow White, Kanga/Roo, Tinkerbell
Bottom: (just me by myself cry lonely life) Esmerelda

It was a really lovely day and a nice way to celebrate my birthday :)

If you want to check out Tigerlily, Tinkerbell or Kanga's Blog then click on their names, bye thanks for reading :)

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Birthday Haul 2013 ♡♡♡

So my 17th birthday was last Sunday and I got some really nice stuff from my family and friends, so seeming as I haven't done a post in a while I thought I would show you what I got - DISCLAIMER: I'm not doing this to brag but I know some people enjoy Birthday/Christmas hauls so that's what I'm doing.

Isabella gave me this and it is uber cute :)

 Lizzie gave me this plus a Minnie Mouse mug, how cute aw :)

Hope you enjoyed looking at what I got for my birthday, I'm gonna do a post on what I did for my birthday party because it was super cute :)