Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Haul 2013 ♡

Hello everybody! I hope you all had a merry Christmas if you celebrate it (I'm not religious but I celebrate it for the commercial side and to treat family members and my friends don't shoot me I'm sorry)and if not, I hope you've been enjoying the time off school or work. Sadly I have mock exams in January so I can't relax too much, I did take Christmas day off though to watch Elf with my family, eat bacon sandwiches, open presents and end the day with burgers and an episode of a TV show of our choice each. My grandparents and one of my half sisters came over on Boxing Day. Anyway, I got some really cool stuff this year and I thought I'd show you what I was given, this isn't to brag but I enjoy seeing what other people got for Christmas and it makes for a more personal post :)

This is what I got in my stocking, opened at 8:45am thanks to my 13 year old brother (I would've woken up early anyway to be honest), I was going to take pictures of all the individual items but I thought that would take ages and bore you to tears. I would be lying if I said I hadn't already eaten the m&m's, I'm a bit scared to eat the Hello Kitty chocolates, they're like malteasers, I don't want to throw the box away so if I do eat them the box will probably be hoarded in my room. I was a bit disappointed to find that the Disney tissues were plain so now I'm scared to open them as well - I really am terrible I know.

This is probably the cutest present I received, not only is it a big hello kitty toy which would be cute enough but it is a microwave heatable thingamabobby too! I hardly ever use them any more but maybe I will now. It's such a lovely addition to my room because of the colours, my room is light pink and white on the ceiling so it matches the colour scheme perfectly :)

Another hello kitty toy! I actually got this in my stocking but I forgot to photograph it with the others and it's cute enough to deserve its own photo, whilst it looks a bit Ke$ha-fied, I think this is cute - I just really like hello kitty.

This is one of my best presents, an Eeyore onesie! This is really cute, I actually made a mental note to buy a Disney onesie in the new year (I had hoped that they would be reduced in the sales) but now I have one so I'll be okay for a while. My Mum said she thought this one was perfect for me, and I quite like it - it's very fluffy and warm and I should think I'll be spending the majority of 2014 in it.

If you've read my favourites posts from a while back, you'll know I really love the simple moisturiser and I have used the toner before but not the cleanser. These products will definitely come in handy, plus it comes with a bag to put the products in and my makeup bags tend to be too small so it's nice to know I can divide up my stuff :)

Usually at Christmas, me and my brother are given jelly belly jelly beans in our stockings and we did get some this year but we've also both been given this which is quite a cute addition for my room. I used to have something similar to this but with gum balls (Lizzie will remember, and she'll probably remember the event that happened with it that turned me off gum for life) but this is much nicer and I hopefully will never be turned off from jelly beans. It does come with a packet of jelly beans as well. You have to put money in though to get the jelly beans though, but I love this I think it will be a cute addition to my room.

I was elated when I saw I had gotten this! I had told my Mum a few times before how much I wanted to try soap and glory and she said she was going to get some for my birthday and she didn't but she got me other stuff so I had forgotten about it, then I get this for Christmas which has several full sized products! It includes Hand Food, Sugar Crush Body Wash, The Righteous Butter Body Butter, Peaches and Clean Deep Purifying Cleanser, Heel Genius, Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion, The Scrub of Your Life Body Buffer, Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara, and Sexy Mother Pucker XL in Pink Out Loud. Such a nice selection and it also came with some free samples of Super Serum. I like how it came with a proper bag too which I can use for travelling in the future (not that I do a great deal of travel but it's nice to know it's there)

Anyone who knows me knows I am a hell of a DVD junkie, especially with Disney films - I am basically getting all the ones we have on videos which have been watched so many times and me and my Mum are worried they're not going to play any more. I also got a couple of studio Ghibli films which is great, see I love Disney so much that I even go for Disney's company in Japan. I was surprised to get the Little Mermaid because that's been quite expensive and I hadn't seen it in any of the 2 for 1 sales so my Mum specifically said "don't expect the little mermaid for Christmas this year", she didn't say how she got it and to be honest I don't mind. I'm glad I got the Hunger Games too because I never got to watch it in the cinema, I wanted to read the books first but I don't own the books so I might just have to watch the films. I have seen all of the films here except for The Rescuers Down Under, Billy Elliot, The Hunger Games, (not sure about Winnie the Pooh) and Kiki's Delivery Service so I'm looking forward to watching those!

A nice little makeup set from my Mother, called Glamour Gift Box, containing Extreme Length Extend Mascara in Black, High Shine Lip Gloss in Whisper (is whisper a colour now..??), Stay Perfect Eye Shadow in sheer brown, and Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner in Black.These all sound neutral so I'm sure I'll get quite a lot of use out of everything in there, if it were bright coloured things I'd be worried because I've still got huge pallets from when I was about 12 or 13 when I used to wear a lot of eye shadow when given the chance and usually in bright colours and I cringe just remembering it. So I wouldn't want any more bright coloured things that I'd get no use out of.

These presents are only paired because they're what my brother gave me, it may look a little pathetic to you but I really like it because over the past couple of months I have been collecting hello kitty socks (sensing a theme yet?), tatty teddy socks and disney socks so this is just another one to add to the collection and I quite like the money box because it's a cute knick knack.

More DVDs hurray! One of my favourite shows from my childhood (early childhood) but then I found some episodes on youtube and watched them again quite a while ago, and when I saw a box set had been released either last year or this year I knew I wanted it so I put it on my Christmas list. For my birthday I got the Sabrina the Teenage Witch Boxset so I am building up my collection of 90s TV shows.

Would is be Christmas without one of these? I think we all know the answer. I finished these by the end of boxing day, not going to lie. I have no shame.. well actually I have a lot of shame.. moving swiftly onwards.

Another thing I had put on my birthday list and forgotten about! This is such a great gift because it contains so many Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five songs, it's sort of a 'best of' if you will. My Dad has a few Ben Folds piano books already but they have the scores for all of the instruments so they're a bit awkward for me to play from because I'm constantly having to turn the pages, my Dad is so good that he already knows it but this is great because the difficulty is the same, challenging but I'm willing to learn, but the score is just for piano and vocals so I won't have to turn the page as often. If you're interested, I've just started grade 8 piano and I got a merit in my grade 7 - I was pleasantly surprised, I absolutely love having new pieces to play so for a bit of fun on the side of my grade 8 pieces I now have some Ben Folds. If you don't know who he is, youtube him because he is such an amazing artist who doesn't get nearly enough credit.

This is a gift from my half sister which made me smile because, if you've been following me and don't know my name - my name is Bess, she saw this shop in Valencia called Bess and sent me a picture on Whatsapp of it and then she bought something there for me. I actually quite like the necklace as well, also a bit of chocolate is always good :)

I got these books from my grandparents and I've wanted to read the Bell Jar for quite a long time now, I've heard it can be quite triggering so I'm a bit worried about that but I'm still looking forward to reading it :)

More body butters! I really like this set because it's all fruity and I love sweet scents, it has body mists and body butters too which is great because I don't have many sprays so I usually don't smell of anything.

I also got a lava lamp but I keep forgetting to photograph it, and when I remember it it's turned off so it's just a big lump of wax haha sorry about that.

Thanks for reading, I know I wrote loads for each picture pretty much and probably bored you to tears because you just wanted to see the products. Again, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas or enjoyed having some time off to relax.


  1. Sounds like you had the most wonderful Christmas, lucky you! I'm not really religious either but I love the idea of Christmas because all of my family get together and actually get along, haha. Lots of lovely presents too!
    Wishing you a happy new year :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

    1. yes it was lovely, and it's nice to have all the family together and see everyone so happy :) happy new year to you too lovely x

  2. I love Hello Kitty

  3. Fab presents, I have the Soap & Glory stuff too. I also love the hello Kitty stuff, so cute!

    1. I've wanted to try soap and glory for so long, and hello kitty is adorable :)

  4. Lucky you to get the S&G mega gift set, their products are just amazing! I've tagged you in Thankful for Blogger friends TAG, and hope you'll join in :o). Xx


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