Thursday, 28 November 2013

November Empties ♡

Hello there fellow bloggers, I haven't done an empties post since the Summer so I thought I would do one as it's nearly the end of November and I've got a few empties. You may have seen these products before in hauls or whatever but now I've used them and give an honest review.

1. Johnson's Refreshing Cleansing Lotion 
I'll be honest, I only really bought this product because it was reduced at Savers, but I also expected it to be really good for sensitive skin and I didn't think it was anything special. Also it has a peculiar smell, (I did a full review here where I said the same thing) which put me off. It would have to be a very good product for me to get past the smell but I like my facial cleansers to smell nice, I use toner afterwards so I guess I don't have to put up with the smell for too long but yes that's all. Also if you squeeze out a bit much and it stays around the rim it goes chunky and horrible which I don't like, I've never had that problem with other facial cleansers so this isn't good. Overall, I probably wouldn't repurchase this unless it was reduced even more.

2. Superdrug Dry Shampoo 'Away with the Fairies'
My Mum gave me this to get me to stop teasing my hair in order to get more volume but I now use this everyday or every other day so I'm not sure if that's better.. but I really enjoy this product. My Mum had 2 other Superdrug Dry Shampoos and I went with this because it had fairies in the name and I like fairies so.. it doesn't really have much of a smell and it makes my throat feel a bit scratchy but it does the job and my hair is more voluminous after using it.

3. Spatopia Argan Oil Body Wash
If you saw my birthday haul you may remember this, and you may be wondering how I finished it all in 2 weeks. I'll be honest.. I'm wondering about that too. I've used it a few times and either there was barely any in there to start with, it's all leaked out or someone in my family has been using it. Anyway I used it enough times to say some things about it. It's definitely not a bad product, I like the smell of Argan oil and my pyjamas constantly smell of it now because I use this then the body butter that came with it. I don't think it's anything special but I did enjoy using it so I suppose if I saw it again I might repurchase (although it was a gift so I don't think it would be too cheap..). Honestly I usually just use baby bath and baby oil because I love that and I love using the bubbles to clean myself but this is a more grown up option so..

4. Garnier Toner
I don't remember how I acquired this but I have used this a few times before even starting this blog because I think Garnier is a nice brand, I've never really had a problem with their products. This toner doesn't have a scent which is a bit annoying because I like to feel like if someone chooses to smell my face they will like it (hey.. it happens..). It did exactly what I hoped a toner would do which is basically remove impurities from your skin that the cleanser didn't get. I would definitely repurchase this because it's not that expensive.

5. Constance Carroll Liquid Eyeliner
I've had this product for quite a few years because I bought it, then I stopped using it because I was a makeup noob and usually ended up looking really dodgy (I was terrified of putting the liquid near my waterline because I'd usually poke myself and make my eye go all black.. nice) and my Mum would make me take it off most of the time because it looked so terrible. So I used pencil instead, but this year I've started using it more and now I wear it everyday so it's finally coming to the end. It's not quite finished yet but it's really close. Constance Carroll is basically a cheap brand but it does what's it's supposed to. It drys really quickly and it's a nice thick black. My only problem is that it's not long lasting so it's fine for a day of school but if I was going out again in the evening I'd have to put more on. Overall, I think I would repurchase this because liquid eyeliners are pretty hit and miss so once you have a good one I think it's best to stick with it.

Thanks for reading! I have a few posts lined up until Christmas, including a Harry Potter Studios post featuring Isabella, Antoinette and Lizzie!!! (If you couldn't tell I'm really excited)


  1. I can't be without dry shampoo - they're brilliant for keeping the hair decent during in between days :o). Xx

  2. I really want to try the garnier toner xx

  3. Hope you enjoy it, I think it was under £3 x

  4. The toner looks good :)

    Abbie xx

    1. yes I quite liked it, garnier is a good brand :)

  5. That liquid eyeliner looks really nice and I really need a new one!

    1. I quite like it :) not sure where you can buy it from because I usually get it from East End Cosmetics and there are only 3 of them that I know of.. x

  6. I totally agree, once you've found a good eye liner stick with it because once you've got it right it's perfect

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |




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