Friday, 22 November 2013

Primark Haul November 2013 ♡

So I went to Primark today and I got some really lovely stuff so I thought I would share it with you all, I'm gonna warn you now I got 3 of the same thing (in different colours) so it's not that varied but hope you like it!

1. Christmas Clear LED lights (£1.50)
 I've been looking for some lights to wind around my bed since I re-decorated in the summer and because it's christmas there are lights everywhere so I just picked these up, they're battery operated which is good as I don't have a socket near my bed, they make my room feel really cosy and lovely :) they also had a pack of 40 LED lights (This is 20) for £2.50 but I didn't want to pay the extra pound as I didn't feel I really needed it.

2. Black Skater Dress (£5)
 One of my best purchases of the day (hence why I got it in 3 colours), it's really slimming and the bottom part is high waisted, it's really lovely basically and I think I may even be able to get away with this in the summer but in the winter I can put on some nice thick tights (keep reading) and my trusty Dr Martens and be away on an adventure.... at sixth form..

3. Burgundy Skater Dress (£5)
 You didn't think I was joking when I said I got this in 3 colours did you? I really wanted a burgundy dress for autumn/winter because it's a really nice colour but I don't have a great deal of it in my wardrobe.

4. Navy Skater Dress (£5)
 I haven't tried this on yet but I noticed I got this in the size up by accident, I don't think that's such a problem but I will try it on and if it looks really baggy and wrong then I'll return it and get it in a size down because I really like these dresses and I know I'll get lots of wear out of them.

5. Super Cosy Tights (£3.50)
I bet by now you're thinking 'thank heavens she's not going on about those damned skater dresses anymore'.. I picked up some more of these super cosy tights because they are basically the most amazing tights in the universe and that's probably an understatement. If you watch Zoella's videos you know that she picks up a lot of these, well I bought a pair like 3 weeks ago and basically haven't stopped wearing them since, I've actually gotten a few holes in them but they are in the toes and my Mum reckons she can repair them so yay! However I felt I needed another pair anyway because they do go a bit bobbly, but they're so lovely! You can get 200 denier for 50p less but these are fleece lined and thick and wonderful so why wouldn't you get these?????

6. Cosmetic Pads (£1)
 Boring purchase I know, but I'm running out (I have about a third of one of the packs which I've had since September) but at least this will keep me going for a while.

7. Marilyn Monroe T-shirt (£6)
 I really really like this t-shirt, I just hope the hipsters don't ruin it for me. I picked it up not seeing how many times it says 'how to marry a millionaire' but it's not actually specific to that film because there are pictures that aren't from that film, I just really love it. Marilyn Monroe had an interesting life and she is an icon, I love how  she just really wanted to learn and better herself and I think that's something we can all appreciate and relate to.

8. Winnie the Pooh Socks (£1) - Poundland    
Okay so this isn't from Primark - so sue me, but I had seen some really cute Disney socks in Primark but they were £2.50 a pair so instead I went to Poundland and found a pair of socks - Poundland do some uber cute socks, I think I've bought a pair every time I've gone in there at the moment.                                                              

That's everything I bought, I hope you liked my haul. I'm going out tomorrow with Isabella so watch this space because there may or may not be a post...........

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