Sunday, 17 November 2013

My 17th Birthday ♡♡♡

So for my 17th Birthday Party I did the cutest thing in the world and it sounds like a 5 year old's birthday party and to be honest it did sort of turn out like that but anyway it was lots of fun. I did a Disney themed fancy dress party and we just watched Disney movies all day (we only really got through 3 but I have loads so for us to watch all of them my friends would have to move in for the next month and give up school). Our costumes looked pretty good and I thought it was a shame that we may not get another chance to wear them so I thought I'd share them on here :)

The Movies we got through were: Finding Nemo, Beauty and the Beast, and Hunchback of Notre Dame (no one really seemed that interested in that besides me, Isabella and Antoinette so we finished watching it once everyone else had gone home)

From left to right:
Top: Queen of Hearts, Piglet, Belle, Pocahontas
Middle: Tigerlily, Snow White, Kanga/Roo, Tinkerbell
Bottom: (just me by myself cry lonely life) Esmerelda

It was a really lovely day and a nice way to celebrate my birthday :)

If you want to check out Tigerlily, Tinkerbell or Kanga's Blog then click on their names, bye thanks for reading :)

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