Saturday, 7 September 2013

Primark Haul & a few other goodies ♡

So I went to Primark today and bought quite a few things, it's not a huge haul but I find that when shopping in there it always feel like you buy much less than you think. Anyway I shan't dilly dally, on with the show!

1. Hello Kitty Cosy Super Socks (£4)
This are adorable slipper type things to wear around the house, a bit much but they're so fluffy and cute and I know I'm gonna wear them a lot when it starts getting cold. Plus they're better quality than the usual primark cosy socks (which I love anyway), plus they're a bit more like slipper pumps than socks. Really love this though, I have an obsession with hello kitty but I can't buy many hello kitty things without being told by my parents that I look like a  5 year old - life is quite hard, but anyway this allows me to unleash my hello kitty-ness!

2. Indigo pinafore (£12)
I love love love love love this, it looks quite good quality for primark and I have wanted a pinafore for so long. I bought a floral one a while ago which I love but a plain one will go with more things, if you see this in the store there are two buttons on the strap to adjust it and I adjusted it to the tighter setting but don't get confused if you see this in the store!

3. Cream High Neck Lace Crop Top (£3)
This was reduced from £6, I don't wear crop tops because I hate my tummy (guess why..) but this is a lace top which I love and I can wear it with high waisted shorts or with a top underneath which will be nice.

4. Eclipz Argan Oil (£4)
I have had several friends telling me that I should be using this because my hair is so weird, I'm not Moroccan just so you know. I'm mixed race so my hair is a mix between afro because my Mum is Jamaican and like English type hair from my Dad's side, it's all frizzy at the front but it's long, also it doesn't feel soft and silky like English/Asian hair does but apparently this is great to repair your hair (ooh a rhyme, Dr Seuss would be se-seuss-ed, sorry if you don't understand I'm not too funny) and there's a relatively big tub in this box, there was also a small tube for £2.50 if you want to trial it but this tub is much better value.

5. Cotton Wool Makeup Removers (£1)
These came in a two pack so my mum has the other half, not much to say but it's a necessity and at the moment I had been using flannels to wash it off so I have stained flannels which I'm not happy about, plus cotton wool is less harsh on the skin. For a pound you can't go wrong.

6. Eye liner (£1 each)
I'm aware it says £1.50 but I got charged a pound each, I have never really used primark makeup but I use Constance Carroll which is a cheap brand and this is that bit cheaper so I might try it out and review it on here. I wear eyeliner practically everyday so it's a must have for me.

7. Bendy Rollers (£1.50 each)
I've never used these before but my mum has and she says they're better for your hair than curlers because they don't pull at it and attach to it in the same way, she also said it will help me with volumizing my hair so I'm willing to give it a go. 

8. Peanut m&m's (£2) from Tesco
I've just been craving these to be honest, if you don't like them then why???? They are so nice I could cry.

9. The Naked Brothers Band Movie (£1) from Poundland 
Cannot believe I found this, I LOVED the naked brothers band when I was younger and I love the similarities to The Beatles, not music wise exactly but the rooftop concert and stuff. I just cannot believe this I'm so glad I bought this.

10. Spy Kids 4 (£1) from Poundland
I got this because I wanted to finish my collection, plus this movie shows the kids from the other movies grown up which made my emotional when I watched in the cinema.

11. Bendy Bando (£1.50) another primark goodie, sorry I forgot to put this sooner!
I love this, I want to start putting my hair up but it's a bit boring without any decoration. Plus I love floral designs.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Now I want peanut m&m's haha, which is strange, cause I usually don't like chocolate peanuts but love these! Great post!

    Maggot xx

    1. thanks! I checked out your blog, and I wanted to follow but I didn't see a follow button??

  2. Love all of these! Especially the m&m's argan oil & that adorable crop top! Very cute! & lovely post! :)

    x leah symonne x

    1. thanks :D gonna check out your blog now :-)

  3. Great finds! Wish they had a Primark where I lived :( I'm new to blogging but would love if you checked out my page! Thanks X

    1. thanks, and wow i couldn't live without primark :O and of course, i'm pretty new to this as well so of course i'll help out a fellow newbie ;)

  4. Lovely blog!
    I have tagged you in the Liester awards.
    Read my latest post for the questions you need to answer and dont forget to comment on the post your link once you have completed it so i can read and comment back!

  5. The hair piece is my favourite! :) xx

    1. I really like that too, floral is so cute :-)


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