Friday, 11 October 2013

The Truth About Introverts

So this is a subject that is quite personal to me because I am an introvert and I have learned from the years of my life that there is a bad stigma attached to introverts. My Mum told me a specific quote from Dallas but I forgot some of it, it was something along the lines of "he's being a bit introverted today so I think he should get therapy", sorry I'm not an obsessive Dallas fan so I couldn't say what the exact quote, but just recently introversion has gotten me thinking and I have really realized the ignorance that many people possess about being introverted.

To me, an introvert is someone who can spend time with other people and they will be probably enjoy but the main factor is that afterwards they need to spend time alone to recharge their batteries because being with other people for too long can tire them out. Introverts can be funny, intelligent, kind, generous and overall amazing people. In the same way that extroverts can be amazing people. To me, an extrovert is someone who can spend time alone but they prefer to spend time with other people to recharge their batteries. Again, an extrovert can be funny, intelligent, kind, generous and again overall an amazing person. What I don't understand is how the differing ways in which people have to 'recharge their batteries' should change how good a person is. Introverts are not bad people and it really annoys me when people say that they are. You shouldn't ever be told to change who you are because you're introverted, I don't think that being introverted is a phase and I've always felt like I'm introverted. Yes, I do like spending time with people but I also appreciate spending time by myself and it doesn't tire me out as much, I do not hate people (despite the jokes I make about it). I'm just sick of some people thinking that introverts are bad people, it's incredibly ignorant. Yes, so I may be more reluctant than an extrovert to go out when asked because I know it'll exhaust me but more often than not I will go out and have a good time, I'll be glad I went out but it will take a bit more out of me than it would for an extroverted person.

The only point I was really trying to make is that you shouldn't feel stupid or like you're living your life wrong because you're introverted, in the same way that you shouldn't feel like that for being extroverted. We live in a society where being extroverted seems to be more glorified. If you're introverted then that is who you are and there is not a great deal you can do about that, this is the same for being extroverted. I also believe that if you're shy then you're shy and people shouldn't judge you for that, I had this sort of problem in school when teachers would tell my parents at parents evening that I'm a good student, I do all my work and I know my stuff but I don't contribute enough in class - if I'm a shy person then why should I change myself to suit the social norms? If you're an extrovert who judges introverts for being the way they are then please just stop, if you weren't aware that being an introvert is perfectly normal then hopefully you've been more educated.

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  1. Glad you posted this! I love how you put a lot of feelings into your post and how personal your posts are.



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