Sunday, 20 October 2013

VLOG // Shopping, Disney and Pop Tarts ♡

So yesterday me and Isabella decided to go out to Watford and do some shopping, we were actually  planning this all week and we've been so excited to do a fashion haul. We were going to do a beauty haul too but we spent forever trying to find Isabella's bank (I actually knew where it was but I didn't realise it was the right bank) and we bought a lot of clothes so we thought we'd do a beauty haul the next time we hang out. I'm actually going to do the haul later because we bought quite a bit, but I'm going to post a little vlog here (my first ever) and show some cute pictures from throughout the day. We ended up doing some baking too because we found some cute cake decorations from poundland so we've been making Halloween cupcakes and I introduced Isabella to pop tarts, and we were watching Hercules all afternoon so it was a super cute day :)

If you click over to Isabella's page, there will be a post about the cakes we made, I'm currently in the process of editing the baking video so it won't be up yet. Hope you enjoyed our first vlog, sorry about the letterbox effect - I didn't know how to change it but hopefully I'll get a new camera and it won't be on there.. here are some pictures from our day :)

 The folders were very tumblr-esque and we felt it needed to be photographed.

Thanks for reading/watching, if you enjoyed the vlog and want me to do it again please tell me as I might start uploading videos on youtube (hauls, favourites) as well as writing on here, what do you think?

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