Friday, 11 October 2013

Films, Films, Films Tag!

Good evening readers, I saw this tag on this blog and thought it would be interesting because I am a film enthusiast. Anyone who knows me will know about the movie tradition in my house where we alternate every week for each member of the family to choose a film and a meal so I have seen a wide selection of movies and I love watching new films, anyway I shall crack on, hope you enjoy!

1. What is your all time favourite film?

This is a pretty difficult question for me because it depends on my mood to be honest, but I would probably say Back to the Future. I love loads of films but I love quite a lot about that film, the music, the 80s feel (except for when they're going back in time and in the future and what not), and Michael. J. Fox is pretty cool.

2. What is your favourite scene from that film?

I love the part where Marty is playing guitar at the prom and his hands start disappearing, also when he's playing Johnny. B. Goode. I also love the bit when he says 'nobody calls me chicken', it always makes me crack up.

3. Who is your favourite actor and actress?

My favourite actor is probably Jim Carrey because he's so funny, The Mask is hilarious, I don't think I could ever get bored of that film. I also love the Truman show and Bruce Almighty, to be honest if Jim Carrey is in a film I can be 98% sure I'll get a few laughs out of it.

4. What was the first film you saw in the cinema?

I have a feeling it was Toy Story 2 or possibly Tarzan, according to my parents I kept pointing at the screen and saying 'look! Look!' and running up down the aisles so I probably wasn't the best companion for a cinematic experience.

5. Favourite director?

I quite like John Hughes, the Brat Pack films don't ever fail to put a smile on my face.

6. Favourite guilty pleasure film?

I feel inclined to say The Notebook, it's a wet movie I know (I haven't read the book) but I really enjoyed it even though it's annoying how Noah and Allie have such a love hate relationship and you can never be sure how they're going to be acting towards each other. 

7. What is a film you hate that everyone loves?

Dear John, okay so I didn't actually hate this film but it was incredibly boring and I had high hopes for it but I was rather disappointed.

8. What is a film you love that everyone hates?

There aren't really films that I love that everyone hates, people on the internet have good taste and agree with me, then people at school usually don't know what I'm on about. I'm inclined to say the entire star wars saga, I love it so much but I only have like a few friends in my sixth form who like it and that astonishes me because it's so amazing.

9. Which actor/actress do you have a crush on?

Woah man we could be here all day if I start listing these, probably Aaron Johnson or Leonardo DiCaprio though..

10. What is your favourite animated film?

I  think Hunchback of Notre Dame or Alice in Wonderland, to be honest I love pretty much all Disney films, Shrek and Anastasia.

11. Who is your favourite film villain?

Probably Frollo from Hunchback of Notre Dame, he's pretty freaky.

12. One remake you wish had never been made.

The only one I really think of is Fame, the original is pretty iconic.

13. Favourite film genre?

I don't really have one specific genre that I stick to, I'm pretty open minded with movies. Comedies are always good though

14. Ever walked out of a film?

Nope, if I pay to watch a film I want to get my moneys worth no matter how bad the film is, yes I'm a cheapskate but if I'm spending £8 on a ticket I need to make sure I'm not just throwing the money away.

15. Favourite sidekick

Chewbacca haha, his relationship with Han Solo is cute.

Hope you enjoyed that little tag feel free to do it yourselves!


  1. I love Back to the Future! If found myself agreeing with a lot of your answers :)


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