Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My (minuscule) perfume collection

Hello there Internet friends, I was talking to my friends yesterday about perfume and telling them how I only owned like one which is Justin Bieber's 'someday' - BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME, I don't like him anymore, I went through a phase but now he doesn't faze me (see what I did there), plus the perfume has a pretty bottle.. Anyway, I decided to count how many perfumes I had and I have a grand total of 4. I have body sprays and a few roll on fragrances (wasn't sure to mention that so I haven't) but not much perfume, the reason being is that I forget to wear it so I usually only have it because it was a present. Anyway, on with the show.

1. Justin Bieber's 'Someday
Whilst I am an ex-belieber and shouldn't still have this, I do because it smells floral and sweet, my Mum thinks it has an after-smell of coconut but it's quite subtle and I can't really smell it. The bottle is also really pretty, it has little charms on them, the first one is a Purple Heart that says I love you (thanks Justin) and an envelope that says JB on it, but you can remove the charms if you just like the bottle which I think it just beautiful.

2. Butterfly from Marks and Spencer
 I'm not sure how to describe this, it's sweet and sort of fruity, I must've really liked it in the past because I've used like 3/4 of it whereas the other perfumes are almost full, the bottle is simple and has a little picture of a butterfly so if you're buying perfume for bottle appearance I would not go for this one but the scent is nice.

3. Glee perfume
Meh, nothing special. I may be biased excuse upon rediscovering this I found the body lotion it came with and it was unopened so I opened it to try it and it was all liquid, and it smelled like shampoo. This perfume just smells like febreeze or something like that, sort of a fresh scent but I can barely smell it. The bottle is quite boring but it's rounded to make it look more posh and sophisticated than the perfume. I got this for Christmas when glee was new and I was obsessed, I still like glee but I didn't watch series 4 religiously like the other series, I would watch it if I had an hour to kill but I am going to watch series 5 to see how they kill off Finn's character and I heard they're doing a Beatles tribute which I'd be interested to see. Whilst I'm mentioning glee, R.I.P Cory Monteith you were gone too soon, whilst you weren't my favourite character on glee because Finn was an arse you seemed down to earth on interviews.

4. 'Miracle forever' by Lancôme Paris
This isn't a spray which I guess for me is a downside, you pour it on and rub it around I think. It smells quite sweet but sort of musky at the same time if that makes sense, I don't think it blends with my essential oils well because it smells sort of chicken-y on further inspection. That annoys me with perfumes, it can smell lovely with the air but it may not blend with your body oils, I think it's a nice perfume but not for me. The bottle is purple with a silver lid which isn't particularly pretty but it's quite nice.

Overall I think the best perfume is Justin Bieber's 'Someday' with its lovely floral smell and nice bottle. Coming second is 'butterfly' by marks and spencer because it's sweet and a bit fruity but the bottle is a bit boring. Thirdly, 'miracle forever' by Lancôme Paris which is a nice sweet scent but didn't blend with my body oils. In last place, the glee perfume which has a very subtle scent, I don't think any thought was put into it but it was just a way to squeeze more money out of the show.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!

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