Tuesday, 20 August 2013

OOTD August 20th

It's a sunny day so I've decided to wear my new look pinafore which I mentioned in my Summer favourites with a basic primark V neck. I prefer a more rounded neck but I haven't purchase a rounded white t-shirt and my black one is in the wash, I am styling this with my white DMs and some black socks which will go a bit over the top of the DMs, it's quite a summery outfit but in the winter I'll wear my black DMs with tights and a pale grey primark cardigan which I've tied around my waist because it's warm but it gives me a nicer figure. I'm meeting up with my friends today, to plan when we're going in for results day on Thursday and to have a leaving do for my friend Tanya who's moving to Essex

So above is a picture of me with no shoes or cardigan.

Above is me with the cardigan, it's a basic cheap primark cardigan but it is a lovely cardigan for summer because it's thin and soft.

Above are my white patent DMs which I love to pieces, they are a bit warm for summer but I don't have many white shoes.

My makeup is simple cat flicks with mascara, have a lovely day :)

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