Thursday, 22 August 2013

GCSE Results Day

Waking up at 8:15am was definitely a bad start to my day, especially considering I fell asleep at 3:30am. I felt so sick.
I don't look sick in the photo but I was feeling very nauseous, I wore my primark saved by the bell t-shirt with my black primark shorts and I don't know where I accumulated the grey tights. I wore this with my burgundy primark vans.

So I was walking to school where I met up with Aleesha and we anxiously waited for my other friends, when we went into school and saw my results, the first thing I exclaimed was: I PASSED SCIENCE! I was so happy because my science teacher used my year as guinea pigs for the hardest course - IGCSE Cambridge.. Only private schools tend to do it, so many people failed and most people got a C and few got an A.

I got 7As 2Bs 2Cs and a distinction, I also got another 2Bs in maths but I did that two years ago so it's not on here. I'm very happy with my results especially considering how the grade boundaries changed. I'm even happier knowing I'm going to the USA tomorrow, hope that you've all had good results and have a lovely day!

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