Monday, 19 August 2013

Summer Favourites

1. Primark goodies from May/June
    - Star Wars shirt (£6) 
    - Nirvana shirt (£8) 
    - cosy socks (£2.50?)
    - frilly socks (£1.50)
    - Bambi shirt (£6)
    - high waisted shorts (£10)

I really love everything here, I bought all of the shirts baggy so I could tuck it into a skirt or my shorts which brings me onto the shorts but unfortunately I don't think high waisted shorts are for me because I'm quite tall and I don't want to look like a giant but these shorts are still quite nice with an oversized hoodie to make me look a bit more petite. I really love wearing the frilly socks with canvas shoes or converses and a skirt because I think it looks quite cute, and the cosy socks are great because my feet get cold really easily so I only have bare feet when it's very warm.

2. More Primark goodies and HMV band   merch
    - queen night at the opera shirt (£4.99?)
    - the Beatles rubber soul shirt (£5)
    - saved by the bell shirt (£8)
    - primark burgundy imitation vans (£6)

I really love band merch type shirts to tuck into shorts or skirts, and my favourite band is the Beatles so seeming as it was on sale it was a must have, I also love queen and bohemian rhapsody is on night at the opera which is my favourite queen song (and possibly of all time), though the stitching is really weird because it looks like it's inside out but I still like it. The saved by the bell shirt is from primark, saved by the bell is an amazeballs show and although I guess I'm not a true 90s kid I still watched it when I was younger and I watch the episodes online now, A.C Slater is such a babe, it was in the men's section so baggy again, it's rather baggy so I could wear it with leggings and my imitation vans. I really love the imitation vans, I already had a blue pair and a black pair but these ones would suit my hoodies and I think can go with a lot of colours but I think looks best with black and white clothes, surprisingly durable shoes for £6!

3. Primark OOTD
    - denim skirt (£10??)

Wearing the rubber soul shirt, I LOVE this skirt - best purchase I have ever made because I've worn it so much, it doesn't really go with grey tops though unless they're pale grey unfortunately, could just be me who thinks that though, goes great with white tops especially.

4. More band merch
     - Morrissey shirt (???)

My parents bought me this shirt, it's extremely baggy because it's a large but I love wearing it around the house, I can tuck it into shorts and I think it would look nice with a black skirt, Morrissey is one of my favourite singers and his lyrics are breathtaking.

5. New Look Sale
    - floral pinafore (£7)

I was shopping with my mum looking for a pinafore, I was looking for a plain one but my mum found this one which was cheaper and prettier, I think it works well with tight fitting tops but it's so pretty and I think it works best with DMs or white shoes perhaps?

6. Miss Sporty Makeup
    - eyeliner (£2.99)
    - pump up mascara (£3.99)

Great value makeup, the mascara clumps up a tiny bit but for the price I am not complaining, it really volumizes my eyelashes and the eyeliner is just a basic necessity for me, it stays on all day pretty much but smudges a bit, I blink a hell of a lot though so that could be why.

Sorry it was so long, hope you enjoyed it, have a lovely evening and I shall make another blog post in the future I guess :-)

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