Saturday, 21 September 2013

Collective Haul | Primark, Next, Savers ❤

So today I went out to buy a few necessities today so this is what I bought.

1. Pleather Satchel - Primark (£9)

I really like this satchel and it has enough space for my textbooks and pencil case and all of that, it seems really durable too for pleather. I got the brown one because the black one seemed a bit too formal, and I didn't much care for the patterned ones, not even the floral one interested me.

2. Beatles t-shirt - Next (£10)

I've had my eye on this for a while and it was reduced from £22, to be honest I thought it was £8 because I judged it by the size 6 one I saw so it's more than I would pay. I bought it in size 14 so it's pretty baggy because I'm a size 8 but I love baggy tees, it's quite sheer but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'll probably wear this with a skater skirt, shorts or maybe jeans.

3. Simple Hydrating Moisuriser - Savers (£1.99)

I've needed some moisturiser for a while now, and seeming as winter is coming I'll probably need it more now. I think simple is a nice brand, I got the light moisturiser rather than the rich because I don't want my skin to get greasy haha but that was the same price if you want a nice moisturiser. 

4. Beauty Forever Anti-Aging Makeup Almond - M&M hair and beauty (£2.49)

Honestly I wanted Rimmel Wake me up concealer but their limited shades weren't my skin colour, in fact I learned that most foundations are for 'average skin'. Which annoys me because now I had to use foundation rather than concealer, this is perfect for my skin. I hadn't heard of the brand, but it is the only one I found for my skin colour. Frankly I'm annoyed, shouldn't the mixed race person be able to cover up their spots and grey circles? Ditto pale white people, ditto black people. If I ever start a makeup company, I will make makeup for the 'minority'. I think with this, less is more, I tried it and my face looked a little shiny.

Thanks for reading, a mini-haul I know but I wanted to share what I bought with you.


  1. As soon as I read your title I knew i would be sold! That satchel is amazing and I can't believe it's from Primark!

    I also use that moisturiser and I love it!

    1. It's very nice, sadly I had to return it because my school stuff doesn't fit in there, but yes :')
      and it's really good :D

  2. I love the satchel x


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