Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Liebster Awards

I have been tagged for the Liebster by the lovely Francesca!

It's a tag to answer 10 questions about yourself and then to tag another 10 blogs with 10 new questions. It's a great way for lesser known bloggers to support and discover each other.

The rules:
1. The tagged/nominated blogs must have under 200 followers
2. Tag the blog that nominated you
3. Let the people you tagged know so that they can respond

Questions I was asked:

1. What is your favourite time of year? Spring, because I love how it's warm but it's not boiling like summer. Also you have Easter, who doesn't love chocolate?
2. What is your favourite memory?  My holiday to the USA, I only came back a week ago but it was my first time going and it was such a lovely experience, I got to see all the sights, see some relatives who previously were facebook friends and try lots of new food, it was just lovely.
3. If you could be someone else for a day who would you pick? I think Linda McCartney, to see what it's like to be married to Paul McCartney and to be 'in' the mania but not exactly the reason for the mania, if that makes sense..
4. Whats your must have beauty product? Eyeliner, whether it be pencil or liquid, I can't leave the house without putting it on.
5. What can you not live without? Some form of listening to music, if I can't listen to my phone when I'm walking to places or when I'm stressed or whatever I will not be in a good mood.
6. When did you start blogging? About six weeks, I'm really new to blogging but I am loving it.
7. Why did you start blogging? I'm a huge fan of Zoella, and I was watching her video that Zoe did with Louise (SprinkleOfGlitter) about starting a blog and I just thought 'hey I want some of that' so I made a blog, I always wanted to do primark hauls and stuff like that but I've done youtube before and failed at it, so I shan't be returning unless there is popular demand.
8. What is your favourite item of clothing? At the moment, my pinafore. Unless it includes shoes, then it would definitely be my black patent Dr Martens.
9. Who is your fashion icon? Probably Twiggy.
10. Who inspires you the most? Michael. J. Fox, because he taught me that I should be optimistic which I have huge trouble with.I tag:http://daydreamsdaisychains.blogspot.co.uk/

My Questions:
1. Do you have any siblings?
2. What is your blog about?
3. If you have twitter, what is your twitter?
4. If you have instagram, what is your instagram?
5. Why did you start blogging?
6. What are your top 5 shops?
7. What is your favourite song at the moment?
8. What is your motto?
9. What is your favourite beverage?
10. What annoys you most?

Enjoy :-)


  1. Aww lovely! I wish i could go to America! Thats one of the places i really want to go too xxx

    1. I highly recommend it, just seeing the skyscrapers creates such an atmosphere, just going to the supermarket was exciting for me :')

  2. This is a lovely post! I have a lot of family in America and I hate that I don't live there with them, it's amazing isn't it?

    Love your blog and now following :)
    elissex.blogspot.com xx

    1. thank you :-)and it really is, not sure if i'd like to live there because i prefer chocolate in the UK and primark and stuff but i would love to visit there a lot and see my relatives more. thanks for the follow, gonna check out your blog now :-)

  3. Hi! Thank you so much for tagging me - here's my one :)


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