Wednesday, 4 September 2013

USA haul!

So I bought quite a bit while I was in the USA (New York and Washington D.C), so I decided just to post what I bought because I like watching and reading blog posts on other people's hauls to get an idea of their sense of style and so I know what to look for when I go out, I do this especially with primark hauls. Anyway, on with the show.

1. Lucky Charms (don't remember the price sorry, I think it was $3 - $4?)
I loooooove American food, I haven't actually tried these before and I don't usually like marshmallows but these marshmallows are supposedly not as soft as normal ones so I might like it. Zoe (Zoella) seems to love them and I love her and so I hope I love these, she won't be reading this but I LOVE YOU ZOE K BYE

2. Black Converses ($25)
WHAT A FIND. I said I wanted to buy converses in the USA because I thought they'd be cheaper there, I went to T.J Maxx (US version of T.K Maxx) and omg $25 that's like under £20! They only had this size so they're a bit big because in US sizes I think I'm like a 7-7.5, I've already worn these so much already.

3. Cookies and Cream Pop Tarts
I love pop tarts. That is all.

4. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ($1.99?)
Three words - nom nom nom. I don't usually like peanut butter but Reese's peanut butter is sweeter and has chocolate too, we stayed in the centre of New York so there were like no supermarkets so these ones were expensive. I didn't get to a supermarket until I was staying with family where I bought more though, so if you're going to Manhattan be prepared to be bombarded with high prices.

5. Nirvana Shirt ($9.99 from J.C Penneys)
This shirt was reduced from $12 which still would have been about £8 which is reasonable for a band shirt, but when it was reduced further I knew I had to get it because it would've been silly not to. I really like Nirvana and they're one of my favourite bands.
I bought it in a medium size because it was a men's shirt, so hopefully it'll be baggy so I can tuck it into shorts or a skirt.

6. SWEETS ($54)
Spent a lot of money on sweets, hopefully it should last a while. I LOVE THE SWEETS IN THE USA! English sweets are so boring, except Cadbury's. Cadbury's is amazeballs but Hershey's smells like cheese and tastes like plastic, sorry Americans.

7. Banana Split Oreos
I bought these for my friends because one of them wanted different types of oreos, and I wanted to bring all my friends something to try but none of my other friends specified what they wanted so I brought these. Awaiting their responses..

 8. Martin Luther King/Trayvon Martin ($5)
This is like an unofficial shirt which I bought at the march at Washington D.C, I really like it and the messages of MLK. 3 words - let freedom ring.

9. Denim blouse from Macy's brand Guess ($47.40)
Don't get me wrong, I would never pay this much even though it was 40% off, my Aunt saw I liked it and bought it for me while I was looking at something else. That being said, it's nice quality and can be worn with a lot of things, not double denim though sorry no. I think this goes with dresses, more tight fitting shirts, shorts, could go with anything really, but it's not really a good buy if you're on a budget.

10.  Skinny jeans from Forever 21 ($7.90)
These are skinny but they look baggy on this picture, very cheap but nice quality jeans I think. As winter is appropriate I need to start wearing jeans again so woo winter wear. Can't wait to buy winter jumpers again, yes!

11. Hair Slides ($1.80)
Pretty decent price for a pretty decent product, I thought these are cute and might look nice if I start wearing my hair in a bun to add some accessories.

12. Freebies from hotels! (FREE)
So I picked up some body lotion and moisturiser from my hotels, I haven't used them yet but I want giving up the opportunity of free skin care!

Thanks for reading, I will stop posting about my holiday now!


  1. Omg your table of American sweets! So jealous! xx

    1. haha I'm scared to eat them because I don't want them to run out :')


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